Hireflix gets 19 awards in the G2 Fall 2022 report!

Hireflix gets 19 awards in the G2 Fall 2022 report!
Hireflix is the best pre-recorded video interviewing software

What's behind the 19 awards?

Getting 19 awards again* in this G2 Fall 2022 season means a lot to us and encourages us to continue working harder and harder to ouput the very best possible work for you and your candidates.

Thank you for your constant support. We wouldn't be here without you.

*Hireflix was also recognized as the best one-way video interviewing software last season in the G2 Summer 2022 report.

What are the G2 reports?

If you seek a way to objectively compare software, G2 is the world's most trusted standard. What makes is the standard is that, unlike other rankings, the G2 ranking is one where companies can't buy they way to the top. G2 conducts an independent evaluation of several variables including reviews, traffic, overall presence... and on the basis of that, it awards the best software in each category.

Hireflix is rated #1 for user-friendliness, and rated #1 in overall rating in the video interviewing category (October 2022)

What awards did Hireflix get in the Fall 2022 G2 report?

We have gotten 19 awards in this Fall 2022 season. 😊🙏 We are specially proud of having been recognized as the overall leader in our industry, but we can't help but love the fact that we lead all the ease-of-use and simplicity categories. The whole point of Hireflix is making one-way video interviewing as simple and user-friendly for all of you and your candidates. That defines and will continue to define everything we do, how we design each new feature and everything else. These are the 19 awards we got this Fall:

  • Category Leader - Fall 2022
  • Momentum Leader - Fall 2022
  • Most Implementable - Fall 2022
  • Users Most Likely to Recommend - Fall 2022
  • Best Meets Requirements - Fall 2022
  • Best Relationship - Fall 2022
  • Best Results - Fall 2022
  • Best Support - Fall 2022
  • Best Usability - Fall 2022
  • Easiest Admin - Fall 2022
  • Easiest Setup - Fall 2022
  • Easiest To Do Business With - Fall 2022
  • Easiest To Use - Fall 2022
  • High Performer - SMB Europe - Fall 2022
  • Best Meets Requirements Mid-Market - Fall 2022
  • Easiest Admin Mid-Market - Fall 2022
  • Easiest Setup Mid-Market - Fall 2022
  • Easiest To Use Mid-Market - Fall 2022
  • High Performer Mid-Market - Fall 2022

What now?

As we like to say... nothing changes. We welcome awards of course, but all we truly care about is obsessing about delivering the very best product and service to each one of you. See you around! 😊🙏

Hireflix gets 19 awards in the G2 Fall 2022 report!
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