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Thousands of businesses, institutions and recruiters use Hireflix to radically improve their screening and recruitment process. With one way interview software, hiring teams can hire faster and save hundreds of hours.

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Why use Hireflix's one-way video interview software?

No more scheduling

More candidates in less time

Share recorded interviews

Integrated with your ATS

Great candidate experience

With Hireflix we avoid the tediousness of scheduling calls and skypes

Patricia de Antolín

Talent Acquisition

We imported hundreds of candidates and was receiving completed interviews within mere minutes

Fabiola Colotto

HR Senior Manager

We can offer a better service to our clients by sharing the interviews directly with them

María Martínez

Project Manager

It's great that we can invite the candidates directly from Greenhouse

Carolina Olortegui

Business Recruiter

I loved the flexibility! I did the interview on a Saturday and from another city

Pablo García

Streamloots Candidate

Easiest to use one-way video interviewing software - Spring 2023

I've reduced my interviewing process by 90%. Hireflix wins for my favorite software this year!
Casey TruffoSoCal Counseling Center
Bang for your buck! Seamless candidate experience. No signups. No downloads. Works in all devices. My candidates love the experience!
Alexis AlvarezCareer Rockstars
Having to work remotely for the past year has been a challenge. But, with Hireflix, the process is now even more collaborative than before. We make better hiring decisions while saving hundreds of hours.
Abby PapakonstantisVeterinary Emergency Group
The platform is extremely easy to use. We rolled it out to 1000+ people and the experience was flawless. The customer service is also OUTSTANDING.
Helena WoodcockPropel International
Hireflix is THE tool. I demo’d all of them and you will not find a better tool, with this kind of functionality that is easy to use, with white glove level of customer service at this price.
Rhonda ScarbroughTutorese
My time is now spent conducting second interviews with only the top qualified candidates. Almost all of those second interviews result in hires!
Jeffrey SeriniParagon Fitwear
This has revolutionized how I approach recruitment. We can now structure our pre-screening process in a very fair and inclusive way for all applicants. Best HR SAAS investment!
Ahmed Al RawiCalo App
Just try it. There are no good alternatives. I tried more than 30 services. Hireflix is the best by far and we do +4000 interviews a month.
George SolovevSkyeng
I can now rewatch each interview to refresh my memory and to make sure I pick up all the subtleties that can be missed when doing phone screening.
Katy TwiggJust for Pets

Record once, interview 1000

Build the digital interview once and invite as many candidates as you want. Then enjoy the power of asynchronous interviews and start saving hundreds of hours.


No more scheduling

No need to schedule interviews or phone calls with the entire candidate pool. Candidates can view an interview question from the hiring manager and record their answers at their own time.


Easily review and share the video responses

Review job candidate submissions when it suits you best. Share the virtual interview responses with your hiring team.


Easily integrate Hireflix with your ATS

Effortlessly integrate Hireflix's one way video interview software into your existing remote hiring process without changing your current way of doing things

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