The 5 Best HireVue Alternatives in 2024

The 5 Best HireVue Alternatives in 2024
HireVue is an enterprise-level video hiring platform that provides interview software, hiring assessments, and AI tools. Many hiring managers and recruiters look for HireVue alternatives because they want more flexible, focused, or cost-effective solutions.

Hiring speed matters. Only by moving potential hires quickly through the pipeline can you snag the top candidates in your field before your competitors do.

At Hireflix, we focus on tools that will help your hiring team leverage maximum hiring efficiency—especially for high-volume hiringwithout sacrificing the candidate experience.

It’s why industry leaders like Coca-Cola and Chick-fil-A trust our one-way video interview software to hire more top-tier candidates in less time.

But we’re realistic. We understand every company has its own set of unique challenges and needs to find the right platform that fits those unique needs.

So, in addition to Hireflix, we’ll review other HireVue alternatives and explore their key strengths so you can make the decision that’s right for you.

Let’s get started.

5 Best HireVue Alternatives

1. Hireflix – Best for Asynchronous Video Interviews
2. VidCruiter – Best for Comprehensive Remote Hiring
3. Jobvite – Best for Integrated Recruiting Workflow
4. CodeSignal – Best for Technical Skills Assessment
5. TurboHire – Best for AI-Driven Recruitment Automation

1- Hireflix

Best for: Asynchronous Video Interviews

Strengths: One of the most obvious strengths of asynchronous video interviewing is that it allows candidates to record their responses to everything from screening interview questions to the full interview at their convenience without needing to align schedules with hiring managers, HR teams, or recruiters.

As a platform that maximizes the potential of the asynchronous interview, Hireflix’s easy-to-navigate platform allows qualified candidates to record interview responses in their own time.

No more tedious focus on an intricate live video interview schedule! Our top-grade one-way interview software does the heavy lifting for you.

Recruiters, hiring managers, and their teams can review responses later, perhaps even saving time by viewing the complete interviews of only those who prove themselves the most ideal, interested, and qualified candidates for the job.

The asynchronous interview system Hireflix has perfected allows for:

  • Financial savings
  • Greater flexibility
  • Better candidate screening
  • Increased time management
  • Higher-quality interviews

With Hireflix, you can:

  • Build a one-way video interview in minutes
  • Invite candidates at scale
  • Review responses while communicating internally with your team
  • Enjoy seamless integrations
  • Provide a top-notch candidate experience for applicants all around the world


Hireflix has transformed our processes. We are now able to interview candidates at scale and speed whilst maintaining confidentiality and quality. The platform is super-easy to learn—very intuitive and straightforward—but retains all the functionality required … And on top of all that—it syncs beautifully with our CRM!
- Kevin J., Executive Headhunter
I met this solution when I was finding information on how to accelerate the recruiting processes using AI, and boy! What a great solution! It saves tons of time to interview bulks of candidates at the same time … This is a must-have in the new era of interviewing.
- Estefanía B., Independent Business Owner


  • Small (For companies with fewer than 50 employees): $75/month
  • Medium (For companies with 50 to 250 employees): $150/month
  • Custom (Corporations, high volume processes, recruitment agencies, and other use-cases): Best rates guaranteed.

Note: Hireflix offers not only a free one-month trial but also a 20% discount for the first year of service for NGOs and companies less than two years old.

Recognizable clients: Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A, Sotheby’s, IcelandAir

2- VidCruiter

Best for: Comprehensive Remote Hiring

Strengths: When it comes to the current HireVue alternatives, if you’re looking for a comprehensive remote hiring option with all the bells and whistles—one that encompasses a full end-to-end recruitment process conducted digitally—look no further than VidCruiter.

From sourcing to candidate screening to onboarding, VidCruiter recruiting software combines digital, mobile, and video recruiting—complete with an applicant tracking system—to streamline the entire hiring process.

This all-in-one recruitment solution bundles solutions that cover all stages of hiring, from posting to onboarding, including:

  • Testing
  • Scheduling
  • Interviewing
  • Rating
  • Referencing
  • Tracking

Through a series of automated workflows, you can optimize efficiency and save thousands of recruiting hours each month.

That’s because VidCruiter makes it easy to:

  • Attract, assess, and hire the best candidates remotely
  • Communicate effectively with candidates at scale
  • Ensure a smooth, comprehensive hiring process
  • Hire anyone from anywhere without increasing your team’s daily workload
  • Make the most of current trends in automation and ethical use of AI


With the help of VidCruiter, I was able to successfully run 7 processes in 2 years. Using VidCruiter has improved the quality of our processes significantly. The tools they provide allow us to easily track and assess each candidate. … Being able to shorten the time frame without it affecting the quality in a negative way, has allowed us to do more in less time.
- Nicole R., Enterprise
So far our experience with VidCruiter has been fantastic. The platform itself is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate … Our candidates have been higher quality, and the hiring process has become faster and more efficient. I would highly recommend Vidcruiter and their team.
- Taylor R., Enterprise


  • Contact VidCruiter directly to request pricing.

Recognizable clients: Lionsgate, UPS, Samsung, Lindt

3- Jobvite

Best for: Integrated Recruiting Workflow

Strengths: No one handles integrated recruiting workflow quite like Jobvite. If you’re looking to create a seamless experience throughout the entire recruitment process, look no further. Jobvite’s streamlined recruiting software and marketing services are designed to find, attract, nurture, and fully engage top talent.

Making the most of AI-powered recruitment tools, you can personalize candidate communications and recruitment tools, turning otherwise passive talent into active job seekers primed to apply.

In a single platform, Jobvite fully integrates

  • Sourcing
  • Tracking
  • Analytics

Furthermore, by linking an applicant tracking system, social recruiting, employee referrals, and analytics, Jobvite allows for maximum efficiency, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a holistic and streamlined recruitment strategy.


It's easy to use and facilitates how you manage the information. It can be integrated with other platforms like Google Calendar, email, and Linkedin.
- Emily R., Mid-Market
The team is quickly able to support the candidate lifecycle with a simple dashboard. These empowering recruiting efforts ensure that the recruitment and onboarding experiences are efficient and effective.
- Adamma R., Recruiting Manager


  • Contact for a custom quote.

Recognizable clients: Peloton, Shutterfly, RingCentral, Mercy Health

4- CodeSignal

Best for: Technical Skills Assessment

Strengths: In many cases, choosing the right person for the job goes far beyond what appears on a resume. You must assess technical skills—which, in the past, was easier said than done.

Today, however, with sophisticated automated recruitment assessment tools at your disposal, you can optimize your tech recruiting and evaluate each candidate based on their actual technical skills without losing time in the hiring process.

As the company name indicates, CodeSignal provides a platform for rigorous, objective coding tests and technical assessment interviews that allow companies to measure each candidate’s true coding abilities, facilitating high-volume and hard-to-fill hiring alike.

CodeSignal’s fair and predictive certified evaluations help you accurately measure a candidate’s skills while simultaneously reducing the chance of cheating, saving your team time (by letting CodeSignal design, update, and maintain assessment questions), ensuring compliance, and mitigating any potential for bias.


Truly I am impressed by CodeSignal Software. CodeSignal is a versatile platform that offers coding challenges and interview preparation, personalized learning, real-world projects, coding competitions, detailed feedback, and skill assessments for employers. It provides job matching, mobile accessibility, structured learning paths, and a supportive community. This comprehensive approach caters to users at all skill levels, making it a valuable resource for improving coding skills and preparing for technical interviews while also offering support for job seekers and a sense of community among learners.
- Ronak G., Coordinator
The interactive IDE is the best part for me, the autocomplete, auto indentation and just the entire user experience is just out of this world.
- Bharat R., Graduate Research Assistant


  • Contact for custom pricing.

Recognizable clients: Instacart, Meta, Zoom, Robinhood

5- TurboHire

Best for: AI-Driven Recruitment Automation

Strengths: No one has cracked the code on applying generative AI to the recruiting process quite like TurboHire. Their AI-driven recruitment automation leverages artificial intelligence to streamline various aspects of the hiring process while reducing the cost-to-hire by 54%.

TurboHire uses AI to automate key recruitment tasks, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment cycle. This is particularly true in the case of sourcing.

With the help of finely tuned AI tools, TurboHire:

  • Provides automated scheduling, screening, and pre-interview mechanisms
  • Parses every resume into smart cards
  • Enables filtering based on various parameters (years of experience, previous roles or skills, etc.)
  • Tags every candidate with an AI-generated score
  • Facilitates offers (including document collection, estimated salaries, internal approvals, and digital signatures) through automated workflows

Perhaps best of all, TurboHire also seamlessly integrates with over 25 existing HRMS/HCM systems, providing a single platform for all recruitment activities while also improving the candidate experience and cutting the workload for recruiters, hiring managers, interviewers, and other talent acquisition stakeholders.


TurboHire smartly automates a large part of the employee recruitment process—from job ad postings through applicant review and hiring. This software gathers and stores resumes and job applications in a very efficient and time-saving manner. The best tool is the range of filters and tags.
- Saurabh S., Consultant
TurboHire is easy to use and it has multiple features that provide ease and a smooth workflow for recruitment. TurboHire UI is extraordinary even a new user can use it without having any issues. The best thing about TurboHire is that most of the leading job portals are integrated which in turn helps in posting the job.
- Veena J., Lead Recruiter


  • Contact TurboHire directly for custom pricing.

Recognizable clients: ICICI Bank, Springer Nature, GreyOrange, KhataBook

Finding the HireVue Alternative That’s Right for You

With one of these five HireVue alternatives, you and your hiring team will no doubt cut your time-to-hire, improve candidate experience, and enjoy an uptick in all your KPIs.

However, as we’ve seen in the breakdowns above, not all platforms are built for the same purposes—nor do they all deliver the same results.

Rather than simply choosing the most popular or affordable option, carefully review each HireVue alternative to determine which would best align with your specific needs.

And if your key need is to leverage top-notch asynchronous video interviewing software, get started with Hireflix today.

The 5 Best HireVue Alternatives in 2024
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